Heminger House Women and Children’s Shelter

Although Heminger House is a shelter for women and children, we do understand that men can be victims of abuse also.  We have programs in place to help Men also, which include safe, emergency shelter, and related programs.


Our Mission Statement:

Heminger House is committed to empowering victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  It is our long term mission to break the cycle of violence and poverty by providing a caring, healing, and educational service for victims of abuse, including safe, emergency housing and related programs.  It is our intent to prepare victims, and their families, so that they can learn to make independent, productive choices, which will assist them with living independently in a healthy, positive, and safe environment.

Our primary goal is to address the issue of domestic violence and to give people a place to go for help, for answers, for protection, and prevention.

Since our opening in September 2008,
we have helped more than 350 victims work towards a life of
independence, safety and happiness.

Our program, E.S.C.A.P.E.,

is a 6 week program where the victims learn about domestic violence, and learn a sense of empowerment.  For example, they are taught to change a tire, re-wire a telephone and/or to use a computer.  Knowledge is an empowering thing.

ESCAPE means every victim is given the opportunity to be
Educated about domestic violence,
Supported, Counseled, Advised and Protected.
Subsequently, she is Empowered to live a healthy life with healthy relationships.


of course, we would like to eliminate domestic violence entirely.  But it is not an ideal world, so we have renovated a 1937 historic motor lodge to be a shelter for victims of domestic abuse.

We have professional staff and volunteers, trained in crisis intervention.  We will also have a stocked pantry, 7 bedrooms for 7 families, and a security system.  If you are interested in helping,                             please call us at (574) 936-SAFE.

To operate fully at Heminger House, we need funding for programs, food, emergency clothing, monthly utility bills (including the security and video system) phone bill for the hotline, staff salaries, and internet access, so that we can be up to date with the sex offenders’ registry and other programs.  For a complete list of needs, click on “Donations.”

To truly eliminate domestic violence, we must simultaneously address
the abuser and encourage them to find help to stop the abuse, and
simultaneously, be accountable for his or her actions.
Via the telephone and internet, we will refer abusers to anger
management courses,  12-step programs, and private counseling.